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December 8, 2021
Expert Insight

Video Interview: How Modular Designer Ken Lowney Sees Technology's Role in Offsite Construction

Ken Lowney is the President and CEO of Lowney Architecture, a premier design firm that’s completed many modular projects in the Bay Area and elsewhere. In this Expert Insight, Offsight Co-founder Andrew Xue sits down with Ken for a video interview. They discuss how the market for modular and offsite construction is evolving and how more owners and builders are seeking to incorporate prefabricated building components in their commercial and residential projects for cost, productivity and speed advantages. 

They review the opportunity to leverage technology in new and existing building component factories and how technology can play an important role in enabling project collaboration and visibility and minimizing risk for owners who are moving more work offsite or seeking to incorporate more prefabricated components and elements into their projects. 

Can you talk about your journey in the offsite construction industry and how you got into it in the first place?

In regards to the concept of factory assembled components, whether it be full volumetric or other components, do you see more of the construction being done in the factory to minimize the onsite costs?

Technology like Offsight can bridge the gap between a purely manual process which is the norm today and full automation which is reliant on software down the road. Software can also add a layer of collaboration between many stakeholders on offsite construction projects. How have you seen collaboration software drive benefits in the factory?

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