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Offsight provides an easy and effective way to track production progress on our modular factory floor across multiple locations. With projects running simultaneously across the country, Offsight helps bridge the important communication gap between different project stakeholders and ensures all issues are resolved in a timely manner and schedule dates are achieved.

Plant Manager

EIG Electrical Systems provides state-of-the-art electrical rooms that house all the critical infrastructure needed to support a building or facility. We match our building expertise with Offsight to manage production, quality, delivery and costs on major projects and can thereby truly realize the full benefits of offsite construction and prefabrication.

Stephen Kelleher, Prefab Program Development

Skyline Champion is one of the largest homebuilders in North America. We are launching new factories and product lines to meet the rapidly growing need for high-quality, affordable housing. We have adopted Offsight's industry-leading software to manage our end-to-end production and factory operations and are eager to expand our partnership.

General Manager

Offsight has been a great addition for Performance Contracting, supporting our growing prefabrication approach by managing production, materials, reporting, and quality assurance. The platform’s interface is enhancing our efficiency and transparency throughout our prefabrication process.

Ryan Moorman, Prefabrication Manager

As an industry-leading bathroom &, kitchen pod manufacturer, PDM Constructors / Durapods provides modular bathrooms & kitchens as well as exterior load bearing and Interior prefabrication for major commercial projects across the country. Our clients trust us to deliver a superior quality product so maintaining an exceptional production process is a necessity. Offsight is a must-have tool that helps us maintain this process and meet our quality and reporting needs.

Michael Jackson, VP of Operations

C. J. Coakley Co., Inc. is one of the largest drywall companies in the Washington, DC. metro area. Our clients include large general contractors. We needed a software-based solution to manage our prefab and manufacturing process for a variety of products. Offsight was clearly that solution. They are the industry leading solution for sub-contractors with a rapidly growing offsite and prefab business.

Christopher Kusz, Senior Project Manager

Offsight is the type of off-the-shelf project management software we have been looking to implement because it is specifically designed for offsite construction and has allowed our entire team to track our production process in real-time. Offsight’s user interface is very easy to use and implement across our organization.

David Kazibwe, Project Manager

Offsight is our go to solution for managing our modular projects. They provide full quality tracking and resolution, production management and crucial reporting for our executives and project stakeholders.

General Manager

As a leading specialty contractor, Easley & Rivers leverages offsite construction on our major commercial projects. We have implemented Offsight as our go to solution to manage collaboration between project owners, general contractors, the prefabrication team and the onsite install team. Offsight is a must have for specialty contractors undertaking complex offsite construction projects.

James Majernik, Sr. Project Manager

When you partner with Offsight you get the full package, their industry leading software and their know-how and expertise in setting up your manufacturing workflow. This includes everything from creating digital travelers, quality/building code checklists, integrating design documentation and identifying production stages for tracking delivery and assembly.

Adam Morris, CEO

Offsight acts as our primary platform for managing the quality and delivery of our affordable housing modular projects. Their real-time dashboard provides visibility for everyone in our factory, our owners, and other project stakeholders. We look forward to working with the team on many exciting projects to come.

VP of Operations

Offsight is our platform for managing all factory operations. We've digitized our entire quality and building code conformance process in Offsight to completely streaming daily reporting, factory audits, and mandated inspections. This is a huge value add for the industry.

Heith Bibby, President

Eastcut Wood Building Solutions is an innovative wood prefabrication company based in Nova Scotia. We manufacture a variety of critical components including wall panels, roof trusses, and floor cassettes. Offsight is quickly becoming our go to solution to manage all our factory projects and the entire end to end production process. Based on our experience so far, I would highly recommend Offsight to any prefabrication manufacturers looking for a technology to assist in the management of their production lines.

Cameron Davis, Financial Controller

Offsight has a real opportunity to replace paper travelers and help facilities become more streamlined. Offsight has worked with us closely to meet our needs and we look forward to a continued partnership with them to improve the quality and consistency of QC and tracking within our facilities and throughout the industry.

Vaughan Buckley, CEO

S2A Modular is on an aggressive growth trajectory and we've set plans to deliver up to 70,000 homes per year over 35 factories by 2025. Therefore, it's no surprise that we need a software solution that can scale with our business and meet our growing needs, Offsight is that solution. Their console and mobile apps are easy to implement and their multi-account and reporting functionality provides the visibility our executive team requires.

Gary Eagleton, COO

Offsight has allowed us to establish a consolidated central hub of information by which our QC staff is then able to utilize and input live data to record, track & monitor deficiencies.

Project Manager

Tomu is an innovative modular builder producing state-of-the-art guest units for the hospitality industry. Offsight is our go to solution to help manage the entirety of our prefabrication process, and to achieve our goals of delivering an exceptional quality, cost effective product that's built sustainably. Furthermore their technology is extremely easy to scale as we grow our business and production.

Malcolm Johnson, COO

Offsight gets rid of the paper shuffle and documentation headache for our QA/QC department. It helps us more effectively highlight, track, and document potential issues before they become real problems


At Signature Building Systems we build thousands of custom modular homes across the East Coast. To do so we need to balance the efficiencies of modular construction with the need for customization and maintain high quality. Offsight's software is exactly what we need to manage this process and to ensure every home we deliver meets our high standards.

QC Line Inspector

Offsight fits neatly into the modular manufacturing process and the required finite scheduling of assemblies and subassemblies. Equally important is Offsight's central dashboard. Our onsite team can monitor progress in the factory and nest our factory production schedule with their construction schedule real-time, ensuring we collectively deliver the time savings modular construction affords.

Roger Krulak, CEO

Foothold is on an ambitious mission to deliver high-quality affordable housing across Southwest Montana. We’re leveraging Offsight’s factory-built software to manage the production tracking and quality reporting requirements of modular construction and achieve our goals.

Hannah Van Wetter, CEO

Offsight's software allows us to manage many crucial parts of our modular factory process from production tracking, to quality control and performance improvement. They help us deliver on our priorities to build efficiently and sustainably through technology paired with offsite construction.

QC Manager

Offsight's intuitive software was designed and built for offsite factories. It helped my team manage many different types of steel prefab projects with the flexibility to customize and improve my manufacturing workflow across projects.

Dan Wies, President

Wall-Panel Prefab offers a variety of different prefab solutions including walls and cold-formed steel framing at world-class quality. Given our strong focus on quality, speed and efficiency there is no surprise we turned to Offsight's best in class project management software to help us manage our process and ensure we meet our customers expectations.

Pete Braun, CEO

EVO MEP is at the forefront of the construction industry providing innovative prefabricated solutions for Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Contractors working on major commercial projects. Offsight is our go-to software for managing our factory projects and a must-have for maintaining our high levels of quality and assurance.

Neil Wypior, CEO

Advanced Modular Manufacturing is a detail oriented commercial modular building manufacturer who takes pride in the quality products we produce. Offsight’s off the shelf product will allow us to maintain our high standard of quality while facilitating better reporting and production tracking features. I’m impressed with the intuitive interface and responsiveness of Offsight’s team.

Jeramy Bristol, Vice President

As a growing truss and building component manufacturer, we need to set our production process up for scale. To that extent, Offsight has helped us eliminate our paper shuffle, see productivity gains and build an exceptional quality reporting process. We strongly recommend Offsight to other building component manufacturers.

Jimmy Gillooly, COO

Offsight is a tool that we easily integrated in our flow, its user friendly and flexibly for our production needs. It allows us to track progress using QR codes, taking images, viewing drawings, and providing quality checks every step of the way. Our clients love the reporting system which allows traceability from production start to jobsite installation.

Ramone Reynolds, VP of Preconstruction/PM

Offsight is the solution we utilized to streamline our prefabricated light gauge steel manufacturing process in order to meet our commercial client’s requirements for production visibility, 3rd-party quality reporting, labor tracking, and materials & inventory management.

Alex Youssef, CEO

As a leader in the Volumetric and MEP modular construction in the region, BK Modular continues to drive operational efficiencies to meet the growing demand for our projects. Teaming up with Offsight and their full suite of features, tailored towards Volumetric and MEP modular factory operations is a gamechanger for us - and a must-have for any manufacturer looking to set themselves apart in this fast-growing industry.

Robbie Nelson, Division Manager

ToVee and Atlas Frameworks have multiple commercial and multifamily projects going currently and therefore need an enterprise grade solution to help manage our manufacturing process. Offsight is a great fit. Their software can easily be set up to match our manufacturing process from panels and prefab to full blown modular projects. Their workflow automation feature allows us to seamlessly transfer between projects while giving us the visibility we need.

Russ Wills, Director of Plant Operations

ANC Modular is a rapidly growing Canadian modular manufacturer embracing new age construction methods using an innovative approach. Our business is focused on quality, time and more importantly the end user. Offsight is one of the crucial tools we now use to help; meet high production demand, manage crucial elements of quality tracking and conformance reporting.

Kairin Roth, Project Manager

Zennihome builds transformational modern homes in our state-of-the-art factory. A massive component of meeting our goals and delivering an exceptional product to our customers involves developing a process to manage our factory production, quality, and costs. Offsight is our go-to solution to manage our entire production process in one easy app and provide immediate access to all factory operations personnel and third parties.

David Mannie, QC/Machine Specialist

As an innovative builder Hegg Construction is at the forefront of leveraging offsite and modular construction for efficiency, speed and cost advantages. Therefore, as soon as we opened our new modular facility in South Dakota to meet our growing demand, we turned to Offsight to help us manage our production and operations. Offsight helps us track production, quality, labor and materials and has a fully robust offering.

Wade Behm, President

We stay organized with all production defects and remedies tracked in Offsight. We have recently chosen to add the labor tracking and inventory control modules from Offsight and are excited to implement them across our facility. Offsight's team is very responsive to our needs and are always looking to improve their product. We are looking forward to a long term relationship with them.

Isaac Lassiter, President

Ginosko Development Company is investing heavily in modular and offsite construction as we see this as the future of construction. As such, it's no surprise we decided to go with Offsight's software to manage production, quality, reporting, materials and labor on our major factory projects. Their software is suited to the needs of the industry and our process.

Amin Irving, CEO

Flex Modular caters to some of Canada's most remote regions and therefore needs to maintain an exceptionally high level of quality and reliability. We turned to Offsight to be our go to manufacturing project management software to manage everything from production, quality and conformance tracking to even daily status and Canadian regulatory reporting requirements.

Tim Lawton, President

We are pleased and excited to begin pairing our Modular Construction expertise and integrated processes with the Production & Quality Network tracking systems provided by Offsight. Understanding your company’s operational metrics and having the ability to share information amongst our execution teams has always been, and will always be an important part of our business.

Matthew Pellitteri, Operations Manager