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Manufacturing project management software for the offsite construction and building products industry.
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Our Product
We solve the delivery, quality, traceability and communication challenges of offsite and project based manufacturing.
Production & Quality Tracking
Production & Quality Tracking
Track production progress and quality in real-time.
Production & Quality Tracking
Factory Reporting & Auditing
Offsight provides updates to execs and 3rd parties.
Production & Quality Tracking
Labor Tracking & Timesheets
Track your employee labor hours from the factory floor.
Production & Quality Tracking
Materials & Inventory Management
Maintain inventory control and avoid shortages.
Success Stories
Ryan Moorman
“Offsight has been a great addition for Performance Contracting, supporting our growing prefabrication approach by managing production, materials, reporting, and quality assurance.”
Ryan Moorman, Prefabrication Manager
Performance Contracting Inc.

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Adam Oszakiewski
“Our clients trust us to deliver a superior quality product so maintaining an exceptional production process is a necessity. Offsight is a must-have tool that helps us maintain this process and meet our quality and reporting needs.”
Mike Jackson, VP of Operations
PDM Constructors/Durapods

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Armin Irving
“It's no surprise we decided to go with Offsight's software to manage production, quality, reporting, materials and labor on our major factory projects. Their software is suited to the needs of the industry and our process.”
Amin Irvingm, CEO
Ginosko Modular

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Offsight supports our global customer base
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Personalized training for your team

Customer Case Studies

How Specialty Contractor PCI Drives ROI With Offsight
Skyline Champion Selects Offsight for New HUD Factory
Ritz-Craft uses Offsight to Take Offsite Construction to the Next Level
Durapods uses Offsight as their platform for commercial projects and collaborating with onsite contractors
Z Modular Scales Offsight Across Multiple Factories
Developer Ginosko Launches A New Factory and Implements Offsight on Day 1

Harness The Full ROI of Building Offsite

Offsight’s technology enables your business to realize the full return on your investment in offsite construction. Leverage our technology to drive the speed, cost savings and quality excellence that are hallmarks of building offsite.

Offsight is proud to partner with building component associations, organizations and providers across the World. We help our partners provide value add to their members and customers through access to our software.

“We are thrilled to partner with Offsight as the go to technology platform for offsite construction. Offsight's technology paired with ICC NTA's expertise in inspection will help us deliver a cutting edge solution to the industry. We will be able to streamline complex building code review, state mandated conformance and factory audits with a completely digital solution.”

Phil Jones

Phil Jones, President

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