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Reporting & Auditing

Offsight’s robust reporting capabilities allow internal quality and operations personnel to provide daily updates to managers and executives and securely share crucial inspection data with third parties for regulatory inspection and auditing.

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Leverage robust reporting
for executives and managers

Leverage Offsight’s Reporting Dashboard to pull fully customized reports for executives and management. These reports can be filtered by the type of product your manufacturing, a workstation or production area in your factory, a specific process step or even a type of non-conformance, verification or assembly check.

Streamline third party
inspections and audits

Offsight’s collaboration tools provide a means to easily and securely share conformance reports, test measurements and building code verification checks for third party inspections and audits. Detailed reports can be shared via email or accounts can be securely linked to a cloud directory to store real time quality data.

Having an efficient ecosystem driven by codes and standards and technologies like Offsight can enhance efficiencies and productivity in the construction industry. Being able to have a streamlined production and quality process that is efficient due to digital tools is the way we need to go to move the industry forward.


Ryan Colker, Vice President

Offsight has been a game changer when it comes to providing visibility to managers and executives. They have completely streamlined our process of providing quality and conformance verification. Their easy to use historical search functionality, lets us pull up a full delivery and quality profile, anytime we want, for any product on any project.

Ritz-Craft Corporation

David Kazibwe, Project Manager

Precasters that buy into the idea of digitization, and leverage software like Offsight, could save time and cost on inspections in a variety of ways. The biggest example is that now we don’t always have to travel to plants to review quality control and production documentation. That’s a big-time and cost savings for us and our clients.

Preferred Point Consulting,
Carson McCain, Owner & Principle Consultant

Offsight is the exact tool we need to completely digitize our State inspection and auditing workflow. We were able to easily build mobile travelers that match State Inspection forms and we then leveraged Offsight's reporting tab to easily access and send real time digital reports throughout the production process.

CEO , Hannah Van Wetter

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