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Offsight 2.0: The next generation software for offsite construction is getting an upgrade!
June 4, 2024
The next generation software for the modular, prefab, and offsite construction industry is about to get even faster, sleeker, and more robust. Be one of the first to sign up for Offsight 2.0 and gain access to our full feature set from Planning & Forecasting to Production Management, Quality Reporting, Materials, and Labor Tracking to Advanced Analytics.

Robust Planning, Forecasting and Scheduling for Your Prefab Projects

The dynamic planning and forecasting capabilities in Offsight 2.0 will allow you to build multiple plans to forecast your factory demand and capacity and adjust as projects go live. Identify available capacity and collaborate with your sales organization to proactively fill gaps between projects in your pipeline. Leverage our planning, forecasting, and scheduling capabilities to provide your clients with an accurate expectation of when projects will be completed and production milestones will be achieved.

Real-Time Production and Quality Tracking Across Your Entire Plant

Offsight 2.0 has been upgraded to handle instantaneous real-time production tracking and shop-level input across many workstations and 1000s of active panels, modules, and other products. Be able to instantly search all your production orders from completed products or live products and identify specific issues or confirm specific assembly steps were completed as expected. Track your takt times per process and build active alerts to monitor production targets. Export Excel reports with production times and project progress to provide factory level visibility to your owners, inspectors, and other stakeholders.

Active Materials, Inventory, and Labor Tracking

With the release of Offsight 2.0, prefab factories will receive enhanced materials and inventory tracking with real-time material consumption and labor time data from the floor. Track materials quantities and costs by product and by specific workstation or process. Track your labor times across multiple products, stations, and projects to receive highly accurate project costing. Offsight 2.0’s robust APIs and built-in purchase order enhancements allow for seamless integration with the accounting system of your choosing for materials, labor costing, and payroll.

Dynamic Reports and Custom Analytics

Offsight 2.0 will allows for customized reporting for managers, inspectors, and project stakeholders. Seamlessly pull reports with production KPIs, quality issues and non-conformance and automatically have these delivered to executives and others on periodic intervals. Offsight 2.0’s advanced analytics capabilities ensure that you will receive the same operations and project KPIs you are using today in the format your team is already comfortable with. 

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