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April 7, 2023

Partner Showcase: Offsight is Proud to Announce a Strategic Partnership with The Mod Squad

As a leading consultancy for modular factories, The MOD Squad has announced a strategic partnership with Offsight. As part of Offsight’s Partnership Program for Independent Factory Service Providers The MOD Squad will work closely with the Offsight team to digitize new and existing modular factories.

“We partnered with Offsight as we saw the best companies in the industry already adopting their product and realized the huge value add their software could provide to our customers,” said Jason Carter, CEO of The MOD Squad.

Both partners believe that pairing Offsight’s software with The MOD Squad’s expertise around factory design and production scalability can help manufacturers avoid pitfalls as they capture new opportunities in the fast-growing modular and offsite construction industry and set these manufacturers on track for long-term success.

“We are thrilled to be a software partner to The MOD Squad, Jason and his team are advising the next generation of modular manufacturers. By pairing investments in new factory processes with digitization, manufacturers can set themselves apart. We are proud to help their customers achieve their production goals”, said Andrew Xue, COO of Offsight.

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