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Offsight Launches Partnership Program for Independent Factory Service Providers
January 26, 2022
Offsight is proud to announce our Partnership Program geared towards third party and independent factory service consultants. Offsight’s partner program allows our service consultant partners to take full advantage of our reporting, quality control and auditing capabilities and to provide our technology as a value add to their customers.  

We are eager to launch our partner program with precast concrete inspection provider,  Preferred Point Consulting, prefabricated structural engineering and quality control provider, RCK Engineering Solutions, volumetric modular consulting provider, MBS Consulting, digital construction consulting firm Knight Solutions and offsite construction consultancy, EVO Offsite Solutions.
“We are thrilled to partner with Offsight. One of my clients, Simple Life Homes, mentioned Offsight as an exciting new software they started using to manage their production and quality reporting and it was indeed a game changer. As an inspection and quality service provider to many prefab and building component factories, we see how digitizing the reporting and quality inspection process can allow our customers to save countless hours during audits and save money on costly rework, repairs or assembly errors in factory production,” said Robert Kok, President of RCK Engineering Solutions.
“As a proud Offsight customer at EVO MEP we know the value that software brings to MEP manufacturers and are eager to partner with Offsight on the consulting front to help push our industry forward! We see tremendous value in streamlining reporting, quality control and inspections at the factory level and enabling better collaboration and visibility between consultants and project stakeholders,” said Neil Wypior, Managing Director at EVO Offsite Solutions.

Check out our short product video to learn how Offsight’s factory reporting and auditing capabilities can meet your quality control and reporting needs. Inspection service providers and factory consultants interested in joining our partner program can visit our website and fill out the demo form to begin onboarding.
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