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Live From The Floor: Northstar Leverages Offsight For Quality and Dependability
January 25, 2023

Manufacturing Luxury Homes Requires Optimizing Quality and Customization

Northstar Systembuilt (“Northstar”) is an industry leading home builder that leverages modular construction to deliver luxury homes at affordable prices without compromising quality or structural integrity. Their Platinum Series product line allows home owners to focus on style and design with a high degree of customization to meet homeowner expectations.
As Northstar mentions, “we pinpoint two specific interests of each home owner – quality and customization – and build both points into every project. We aren’t just building modules to stack together onsite – we are building homes.”
Therefore, the key to delivering a luxury product to customers starts with understanding their needs and optimizing manufacturing quality with these customized requirements. 

Offsight’s Software Enables Luxury Manufacturers to Create Highly Customized Manufacturing Workflows For Each Order or Project

Offsight’s project management software paired with a modular manufacturing process can help leading luxury home builders like Northstar, deliver an exceptionally high quality product. This can be done without sacrificing a buyer’s need for customization while also benefiting from speed, cost and other major efficiencies of offsite construction.

Offsight’s software is built for project manufacturing where our customers can define their own custom digital workflow around a production or quality process. This manufacturing process can be repeatable in some areas but unique and custom in others. The flexibility of Offsight’s software solves for both, creating a system that accommodates many custom workflows.
Offsight’s Management Tool allows Northstar to build unique workflows for an individual product/module or an entire product line. In this manner, Northstar created a highly flexible production and quality process using Offsight’s software that defines how specific types of luxury homes would flow through each stage of production, streamlining quality assurance and production collaboration.

Obtaining End-to-End Reporting For Assembly and Conformance as well as Reporting from Third Parties or States

Once Northstar’s production process was defined in Offsight’s software, operators and quality inspectors on the floor could then access any module from Offsight’s Mobile Apps and immediately retrieve a specialized task list with crucial quality verifications steps, assembly checks or reference drawings and documentation.
Non-conformances and shortages for each luxury home could be addressed systematically to confirm everything from floor builds and wall framing to insulation, rough-ins and interior finishing was completed to specification for each module. This approach ensured a high level of quality for every product that was manufactured on the factory floor.

A key aspect of a home manufacturer’s quality process involves providing regular reports to state and third party inspectors for building code verification and compliance. With Offsight, Northstar is able to easily create custom forms for building code and compliance verification that are specific to each product, its materials, and the assembly process.
As the productmoves through the manufacturing process, a real-time end-to-end report can be generated daily or at regular intervals to track progress. This report can be seamlessly shared digitally or via PDF to third party or state Inspectors for regulatory approval. 
“Offsight is our go to solution for managing our modular projects. They provide full quality tracking and resolution, production management and crucial reporting for our executives and project stakeholders.”
Northstar Systembuilt
Operations Manager, William Scott
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