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Cutting Edge Modular Utilizes Offsight As They Target Multi-Family Projects
March 26, 2024
Offsight customer Cutting Edge Homes specializes in building luxury modular homes in California. Cutting Edge Homes has recently begun an expansion into commercial residential and multi-family modular projects. To meet the quality, production tracking and traceability needs of these multi-family projects they’ve turned to Offsight as their central solution.   
In this case study we cover how Cutting Edge Homes utilizes Offsight to position themselves as a competitive builder for multi-family projects by showcasing their commitment to quality excellence through end-to-end traceability and reliability through real-time digital production progress reporting.
Building End to End Traceability For Quality Excellence
To position themselves as a leader in quality excellence, Cutting Edge Homes turned to Offsight’s Production & Quality Tracking feature set. They built their full manufacturing workflow in Offsight and completely digitized their in-plant quality verification process.
Operators and quality inspectors can log into Offsight’s mobile app at each production station or point of quality review and complete detailed checklists and forms. Images, documentation, and designs can be reviewed and attached to a fully digital checklist.
All documentation and digital checklists through all stages of production, shipment, and delivery are consolidated in a single traceable record in Offsight. Cutting Edge can then provide this record to project stakeholders or reference these records at any time during production or post-production in Offsight’s History Dashboard.
Leveraging Production Progress Reporting For Reliability
As another crucial aspect of positioning their factory for multifamily projects, Cutting Edge Homes turned to Offsight’s Reporting & Auditing and Advanced Analytics feature sets to provide factory visibility and reliable production progress tracking to clients. Through Offsight’s reporting functionality Cutting Edge Homes was able to generate real-time digital .PDF and .XSLX reports that showcased all modules, and their current stage of production and included all images for visual verification and conformance records for sign-offs.
These reports can be automatically generated and sent to project stakeholders via email or transferred to a secure cloud folder for review. Furthermore, a secure Offsight web link can be provided to commercial clients to access their digital reports online.
In addition to automated and daily reporting, Cutting Edge Homes can provide advanced business analytics and in-the-moment project tracking to their multifamily clients. With Offight’s Advanced Analytics capabilities, they can pull production progress by module and overall in a project progress. Progress can be tracked by specific workstations to ensure that the overall project schedule stays on track and that coordination between the factory and onsite install team is seamless. 
“We stay organized with all production defects and remedies tracked in Offsight. We have recently chosen to add the labor tracking and inventory control modules from Offsight and are excited to implement them across our facility. Offsight’s team is very responsive to our needs and are always looking to improve their product. We are looking forward to a long term relationship with them.”
Isaac Lassiter, President
Cutting Edge Homes
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