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CNTNR Leverages Offsight’s Technology and Solutions Engineering Service For Production Launch & Scale 
February 6, 2024
Offsight customer CNTNR is a leading commercial modular builder in North America. They are leveraging repurposed shipping containers as frames for their modular multifamily projects. CNTNR has business operations across the United States and Canada and their factory operations based in Monterrey, Mexico.
They partnered with Offsight early in their prefab journey and adopted Offsight’s technology along with our Solutions Engineering Service for production launch, to address immediate building code compliance and operating requirements and to set their factory up for scale. 
In this case study we cover how Offsight’s Solutions Engineering Service paired with our technology is the perfect fit for manufacturers who are in the early stages of factory launch, digitization or are preparing to ramp up production for larger projects.

Addressing Code Compliance & Factory Operating Requirements

In order to set their factory up for production launch on their major multifamily modular project, CNTNR had to build an approved building code conformance and quality manual. They also needed to design a quality control program that would go live in parallel with production to adhere to code compliance and mandates. They were able to fully accomplish this with the assistance of Offsight’s Solutions Engineering Service. 
Their Offsight solutions engineer helped them build a quality manual outlining their fully digital quality process in Offsight for approval by their third party mandated quality inspection provider. By leveraging Offsight’s Production & Quality Tracking feature set and Reporting & Auditing feature set, they were able to fully adhere to their third party inspection provider’s quality program requirements.  Furthermore, they set themselves up for fully digital documentation management, quality tracking, automated daily quality and conformance reporting and full task management to track and resolve rework before products leave their factory. 

Building, Updating & Testing the Manufacturing Workflow for Production Launch

Prior to production launch the team at CNTNR worked closely with Offsight’s solution’s engineer to build out their full manufacturing workflow, test this live and make regular updates as needed. As part of this process they leveraged Offsight’s Production & Quality Tracking feature set and Materials & Inventory Management feature set. 
With assistance from their dedicated solution’s engineer they were able to fully build out their initial factory layout, with workstations and defined production areas in Offsight. They were then able to run several prototypes through their factory and record all assembly live through Offsights’s mobile app. As updates were made to the production layout on the floor, the manufacturing workflow and corresponding digital factory layout was updated to match, instantly, in Offsight. 
In regards to their materials and inventory. All parts necessary for production across all of their various modular designs were added to Offsight and individual bill of materials (BOMs) were created and attached to each product/module. If designs changed prior to production the BOM per product could be updated instantly in Offsight’s materials dashboard. During testing, operators were able to leverage Offsight’s mobile app to record real time material consumption from the floor and Offsight automatically updated inventory quantities accordingly for an immediate record of materials on hand. Thereby helping CNTNR avoid bottlenecks once production goes live. 

Setting Up CNTNR For Scale

Finally by leveraging Offsight’s Solutions Engineering Service in addition to our technology, CNTNR was able to set up their business operations and factory for scale. Through Offsight the team at CNTNR is able to collaborate in real-time across countries and on large multifamily modular projects. As CNTNR scales their operations they can seamlessly add more production lines and build out parallel manufacturing workflows in Offsight. 
Furthermore, through their partnership and with Offsight’s Certification Program, CNTNR can continue to drive digitization throughout their business and build internal champions who can train operators, quality personnel and others on leveraging Offsight as their central prefab factory operations and project management platform. 
“Offsight’s solutions engineering and consulting team have been a huge value add to CNTR from day one of our factory launch. In the pre-production phase, the Offsight Team collaborated with our 3rd party inspector to obtain state approval for our quality manual. For going live with production, they advised us on developing our full manufacturing workflow for real-time tracking and integrated Offsight’s technology, tailored for prefab and offsite factory operations.”
Adam Morris, CEO
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