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Building Component Manufacturer Eastcut Leverages Offsight for Factory Project Management
January 9, 2024
Offsight customer Eastcut Wood Building Solutions is a leading building component manufacturer that provides a variety of crucial components including pre-built wall, roof and floors systems for major residential and commercial construction projects across Nova Scotia and Atlantic Canada. 
Their focus on offsite factory manufacturing and prefabrication of critical components saves time and money, results in fast and easy on-site assembly and installation on major projects and provides high product quality through a controlled factory based assembly process. 
In this case study we review how building component manufacturers can leverage Offsight across multiple production lines for various components (floors , trusses and walls) and manage production across multiple factory projects. We will further review how Offsight can also be leveraged for collaboration between design, project management and sales teams during pre-production.

Managing Production Across Multiple Lines

To manage their full factory operations, Eastcut needed to track production across 3 major component lines (Floor Cassettes, Roof Trusses and Walls). Through Offsight’s Production & Quality Tracking feature set they were able to build a complete manufacturing workflow that visualized all 3 production lines including workstations for major production activities including cutting, assembly and storage/shipment of components.  
Through Offsight they managed all production tracking, delivery and quality verification/sign offs at each stage and across each production line. Through Offsight’s Management Tool the manufacturing workflows across each component could be linked to track building components across major projects. This provides managers with the ability to accurately track project progress against their schedule in real-time.
With Offsight’s Reporting & Auditing capabilities Eastcut was able to provide an up to date production progress reports to executive management and track all quality issues through resolution. All sign-offs before shipment and at key points of the assembly process can be provided as verification for all critical components in a project. 
Furthermore through Offsight’s History Dashboard and end-to-end traceable record of each component, its specifications, all assembly activity and quality review can be provided to install and service teams,  and other project stakeholders to extend project visibility from the factory to the job-site. 

Managing & Collaborating During Pre-Production

Through Offsight, Eastcut was also able to manage collaboration between key business stakeholders during pre-production. These stakeholders included their Design/Engineering team, Project Management team and Sales Team. All stakeholders could track the progress of projects in queue through key aspects of bidding, estimation and planning. Stakeholders were assigned tasks at these key stages and they could confirm when they were completed in Offsight. This provided a real-time assessment of where things stood across multiple projects in queue and helped improve visibility across the business.
By managing pre-production activities within Offsight and tracking projects from their early stages through production, Eastcut can manage end to end operations within one platform.
“Offsight is quickly becoming our go to solution to manage all our factory projects and the entire end to end production process. Based on our experience so far, I would highly recommend Offsight to any prefabrication manufacturers looking for a technology to assist in the management of their production lines.”
Cameron Davis, Financial Controller
Eastcut Wood Building Solutions
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