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Build Offsight – Feb 2022
February 2, 2022

Offsight Customers In the News:

Volumetric Building Companies Completes Merger with Polcom Group to Solidify Place as Global Leader in Modular Construction

Volumetric Building Companies, hot on the heels of their recent acquition of Katerra Inc.’s assets in Tracy, CA, announced their merger with Polcom Group in Europe. Polcom, a steel modular manufacturer is responsible for many successful commercial and hospitality projects in the United States and abroad. Vaughn Buckley, CEO of Volumetric Building Companies, noted that the Polcom merger would expand VBC’s existing capabilities in design, manufacturing and onsite construction to reach an international customer base. Furthermore Polcom’s steel modular capabilities would complement VBC’s existing expertise in wood volumetric multifamily construction.

Learn more about VBC’s merger with Polcom Group and their rapid growth in the modular industry here and check out how they’ve leveraged Offsight to manage their quality, daily reporting and auditing needs.


ICC Partner Spotlight: A Digital Future for Third Party Inspections in Offsite and Building Component Factories

Offsight Co-Founder, Andrew Xue sits down with ICC’s Vice President, Ryan Colker to discuss why digitization is crucial to inspection. They discuss why technology like Offsight, partnered with product evaluations provided by the ICC Evaluation Service and others and third party plan review and inspection services like those ICC NTA provides, can streamline reporting, auditing and building code compliance, while enabling a level of visibility that’s crucial to helping manufacturers build products more efficiently and instill confidence with owners and developers.

Check out our blog post here and learn more about how Third Party Inspection providers like ICC and NTA are partnering with factories to promote adoption of digital solution like Offsight.

Offsight Launches Partnership Program for Independent Factory Service Providers

Offsight is proud to announce our Partnership Program geared towards third party and independent factory service consultants. Offsight’s partner program allows our service consultant partners to take full advantage of our reporting, quality control and auditing capabilities and to provide our technology as a value add to their customers.

We are eager to launch our partner program with precast concrete inspection provider,  Preferred Point Consulting, prefabricated structural engineering and quality control provider, RCK Engineering Solutions, volumetric modular consulting provider, MBS Consulting, digital construction consulting firm Knight Solutions and offsite construction consultancy, EVO Offsite Solutions.

Inspection service providers and factory consultants interested in joining our partner program can visit our website and fill out the demo form to begin onboarding.
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