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ICC Partner Spotlight: A Digital Future for Third Party Inspections in Offsite and Building Component Factories
January 19, 2022
The International Code Council (ICC) and its family of solutions is an industry leader in performing technical evaluations and inspections of building components, products and materials for code compliance and quality. They are the most widely accepted evaluation agency globally and trusted by building product manufacturers across the country.  ICC’s third party inspection and evaluation reports are crucial in allowing manufacturers to certify that their products meet building code requirements and warrant regulatory approval. 

In this video interview Offsight Co-Founder, Andrew Xue sits down with ICC’s Vice President, Ryan Colker to discuss why digitization is crucial to inspection. They discuss why technology like Offsight, partnered with product evaluations provided by the ICC Evaluation Service and others and third party plan review and inspection services like those ICC NTA provides, can streamline reporting, auditing and building code compliance, while enabling a level of visibility that’s crucial to helping manufacturers build products more efficiently and instill confidence with owners and developers.
To start, we’d love to hear about your personal background at ICC. How is the industry changing from your experience? How is Offsite driving that change and how is this effecting 3rd party factory inspections across many building component factories?
Today many building component factories still rely on manual processes like paper travelers and excel spreadsheets to document non-conformance reporting, assembly checks and audits. What are some barriers to digitization that you are seeing today and how do you believe these will be resolved in the future?
Do you see digitalization saving time and money on audits and mandatory compliance reporting for factories?
As the movement to offsite construction takes off and more new and advanced building components like bathroom pods and prefabricated MEP are manufactured offsite, how do you see that changing the 3rd party inspection process at ICC?
Can implementing technology tools like Offsight help third party inspectors and factory owners collaborate on quality assurance and new standards for these innovative products?
We speak with many individuals looking to start modular factories or in the process of building a new modular factory. What advice would you give a new plant manager looking to set up their quality program? When should they start engaging with organizations like ICC?
Do you see digital tools like Offsight becoming more valuable as new standards in quality and compliance arise from the shift to Offsite Construction?
Given the whole shortage of labor in the offsite construction industry today, do you think digitalization will help attract younger talent into the industry for quality management?
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