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Ontario based A-Linx Leverages Offsight on Luxury Pre-Fab Multi-family Projects
May 14, 2024
A-Linx Building Technologies leverages pre-fabricated light-gauge steel combined with their expertise in panelized and offsite construction on state of the art luxury multi-family projects. They’ve implemented Offsight as their go to solution to manage factory production, quality, reporting and delivery. 
A-Linx’s portfolio includes projects like 140 Thomas Condominums that leveraged prefabricated EIFS (exterior insulation and finish system) wall panels and 42 Mill Street Luxury Condomiunum which leveraged prefabricated interior and exterior load bearing walls and a composite deck Flooring System.
In this case study we cover how A-Linx leverages Offsight for managing their panel production process, quality tracking and factory reporting on attainable, luxury multi-family and seniors residence projects.
Tracking Panel Production Through Offsight
Utilizing Offsight’s Production & Quality Tracking feature set, Alinx successfully digitized their production work flow. This enabled them to visually map out key stations and process steps on the factory floor, encompassing Welding, Framing, Bridging, and Sheathing.
As panels advanced through production, managers could monitor their progress in real-time via Offsight. Furthermore, by linking panels to their respective multi-family projects and floors within buildings, managers could actively track the overall progress of hundreds of panels within the project. This facilitated maintaining project schedules and ensuring timely deliveries.
To receive real-time production data from the floor and accurately track panel progress, operators utilized Offsight’s Mobile Apps. Through Offsight, operators at each station could access shop drawings, details, checklists, and documentation tailored to their work activities, with specific User Group access and preferences configured. This streamlined approach reduces room for error and minimizes training requirements by providing an intuitive and simplified user interface.
Providing Executive Reporting and Project Progress Tracking Through Offsight
By leveraging Offsight’s quality tracking capabilities in the mobile app, operators and quality inspectors at A-Linx was able to immediately identify and record assembly errors and non-conformance issues. These issues were marked during a thorough quality review at the Pre-Finishing stage of assembly or during verification at earlier process steps in production.
Once quality issues were identified, managers could monitor them through Offsight’s Alerts Dashboard. Resolved issues were automatically cleared from the Dashboard, while any rework or repair needed to address the problem could be documented and recorded in a digital quality checklist for future reference.
Additionally, utilizing Offsight’s Reporting & Auditing capabilities, managers at A-Linx could furnish regular production progress reports and updates to executive management. Automated workflows were established to generate digital quality reports in .PDF format and production tracking data in .CSV through Offsight’s Reporting Dashboard. These comprehensive digital reports encompassed all quality verifications, sign-offs, and documented assembly or conformance issues across panels within a specific project.
They were also configured to detail the repair or rework necessary to address each issue.
Furthermore, A-Linx utilized Offsight’s Advanced Analytics & Insights feature set to monitor product KPIs and metrics, such as cycle times for producing each panel and completing each process step during production.
“We are pleased and excited to begin pairing our Modular Construction expertise and integrated processes with the Production & Quality Network tracking systems provided by Offsight. Understanding your company’s operational metrics and having the ability to share information amongst our execution teams has always been, and will always be an important part of our business.”
Matthew Pellitteri, Operations Manager
A-LINX Building Technologies
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