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November 30, 2022

Offsight & B.Public Prefab: From the Factory to the Jobsite

Offsight is proud to present and sponsor B.Public Prefab’s Rocky Mountain Installer Training. Our presentation From the Factory to the Jobsite will cover how builders and their partner factories can leverage a project manufacturing software like Offsight to enable collaboration throughout the manufacturing to installation process.

Attendees will learn how Offsight’s software allows factories like B. Public Prefab to share real-time production updates, quality checklists, and delivery status with their onsite builders. Onsite builders can access Offsight to view shared product data from the factory and submit updates to streamline communication with the factory to resolve any issues that may occur at the jobsite.

Furthermore, Offsight is excited to support Swell Foundation and B.Public Prefab in their initiatives to provide affordable high performance sustainable housing through offsite construction.

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