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Offsight and ICG Announce Partnership to Drive Industrialized Construction Growth and Adoption
May 27, 2024
Offsight, the leading software for modular, prefabrication, and offsite construction, and ICG, a leading industrialized construction consultancy are partnering to provide comprehensive solutions for the construction industry.
Together we seek to drive industrialized construction growth and adoption by providing owners, general contractors, and their prefabricators with a deep understanding of how to track performance on complex prefab projects from initial design and prototyping phases through full production and on-site installation. By bringing together the construction manufacturing process expertise of ICG with the technology tools provided by Offsight, owners, modular manufacturers, general contractors, and trade contractors can more effectively set up offsite/modular/prefab projects for success with core KPIs to effectively manage and then measure the ROI – faster project delivery, lower effective cost, and higher quality – from industrialized construction.
Owners, manufacturers, GCs, and trade contractors who choose to work with Offsight can benefit from ICG’s Industrialized Construction Maturity Assessment© which offers data driven insights about the business system and process changes required to make industrialized construction investments succeed over the long-term. Furthermore, customers will learn how technology like Offsight can be leveraged to manage crucial aspects of prefabrication project delivery including factory planning, scheduling, forecasting, production management, quality control, and cost management through real-time material and labor tracking from the prefab shop floor.
“Offsight’s partnership with ICG will be a huge value add for the industry. Project stakeholders can collaborate and receive real time visibility on the schedule, delivery, and quality of many prefabricated components on major projects. This collaboration is a must as the industry begins to grow rapidly and it’s crucial to IC projects being successful and driving even more investment in the industry,” said Offsight CEO, Vikas Murali.
“After working together on several successful projects, it is clear that partnering with Offsight is a natural pairing for us at ICG.  Our mission is to enable our clients to set the new industry standard for Industrialized Construction. As we help clients create process stability and production workflows, the resultant standard work is an ideal feedstock for a manufacturing execution system such as Offsight. Together, we are better equipping clients to create the conditions for a factory data system based on proven manufacturing techniques. These clients will certainly have a leg up,” said ICG Principal & Co-Founder, Nick Masci.
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