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January 24, 2023
Customer Case Studies

Live From Louisville: Offsight’s Clients Tackle Affordable Housing

Affordable, High Quality Factory-Built Housing on the Horizon

We are live at the 2023 Louisville Manufactured HousingShow where Offsight’s clients, including Skyline Champion (SKY) and Ritz Craft Corporation are showcasing their high quality, cost effective manufactured homes that will play a pivotal role in solving America’s affordable housing crisis. 

With a nationwide shortage of as many as 7 Million homes, the ability to produce housing through the innovative methods of offsite construction and adhere to the standards set forth by the United States Housing and UrbanDevelopment (HUD) Department will be a game changer. 

Take a digital walkthrough of our clients state-of-the art homes and learn why they’ve turned to Offsight as their central hub for factory operations to manage everything from production and quality to tracking and adhering to crucial Third Party/State/HUD regulatory requirements and reporting. 

Skyline Champion 

Last year, Skyline Champion showcased the launch of their HUD-code homes at the Innovative Housing Showcase in Washington, DC. Attending the showcase in Washington, DC, HUD Secretary Marcia Fudge announced:

“This may in fact be the future of housing and we are on the cutting edge of making it happen for every single American.”

As the largest, publicly traded, factory built housing company in North America, Skyline Champion operates 42 factories across the United States and Western Canada and has multiple product lines.

In order to meet the demand for new HUD homes, Skyline Champion has launched a state of the art HUD factory. Offsight was selected as the central hub to manage factory operations for Skyline Champion’s HUD factory. 

Ritz Craft Corporation

Ritz Craft Corporation has built over 100,000 high quality custom homes since its founding in 1954. The company manufactures homes in a controlled environment, resulting in faster completion times than traditional builds. Furthermore, Ritz Craft’s homes are manufactured with energy efficiency in mind and embedded with advanced smart home technology. 

Vertical integration with other Ritz-Craft owned companies and a vast network of builders and suppliers enables Ritz Craft to maintain exceptional quality while still manufacturing affordable homes. 

Offsight is proud to support Ritz Craft in their mission to deliver exceptional quality homes at affordable prices. Ritz Craft has deployed Offsight across multiple factories and uses the software to manage production and regulatory reporting and auditing for affordable housing projects.

“Offsight’s production management capabilities provide crucial visibility to executives and our vendors to help us manage our delivery and output. This verification is even more crucial when dealing with third party inspectors, State regulators and HUD requirements.”

David Kazibwe
Project Manager, Ritz-Craft Corporation

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