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Developers Turn to Kapture Prefab for Commercial Projects
September 5, 2020
In this post, we discuss how panelized offsite construction can provide developers with design flexibility in addition to the well-known benefits of productivity, speed and cost advantages. This versatility allows builders to assemble exterior walls, interior wall panels, columns and closures in record time without sacrificing quality or design. 
We sat down with our customer Kapture Prefab to discuss how the team successfully leveraged offsite panelized technology on major commercial projects, including the Hilton Canopy, Banner Ocotillo Hospital, Great Wolf Lodge, and Scottsdale Fashion Square. 
Q: When developers and general contractors decide to panelize a project rather than traditional methods, what major advantages are they expecting the factory to deliver?
A: There are several advantages to prefab; these include schedule, quality, and installation. Prefabrication can save time on the schedule so owners can open their facilities earlier compared to traditional methods.  Also, in locations where weather can be a problem, sites can dry in more quickly so that interior work can start.  These are some of the advantages our clients are looking for when they choose to partner with Kapture Prefab.
Q: Panelized construction can be used on a variety of projects to produce a diverse set of finishes. What would you say are the best types of projects that maximize the design benefits of panelized construction?
A: Prefab lends itself well to any project that is a steel or concrete frame and from 3 to 4 or more stories. After that, there are many different finishes that we can produce, from an EIFS system to some intricate metal panels, and other high-end finishes.
Q: As more and more construction projects move offsite over the coming years, in what ways can technology help bridge the communication gap between developers, general contractors and factories?
A: Of course, without the technology and the ability to coordinate offsite design, prefab wouldn’t work. But in addition to design, we leverage technology in many ways.  I mentioned quality, on our production line, every panel goes through a rigorous quality inspection at every station.  We use Offsight’s project management software to track and monitor our quality data, as well as share our data with our clients at the end of each job.  We also leverage technology platforms to communicate between our production staff and design teams.
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