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Build Offsight – Oct 2021
September 5, 2021
Offsight Customers In the News:

Volumetric Building Companies acquires Katerra’s Tracey, CA Manufacturing Facility and Expands to the West Coast

olumetric Building Companies announced this month that they had acquired Katerra’s state of the art manufacturing facility in Tracy, CA and will now begin expansion to the 577,000 sq ft facility. VBC is looking to hit the ground running and plans to begin manufacturing windows, cabinetry, countertops, trusses & panelized building components at the site, in 60 – 90 days. They plan to produce full volumetric modular components by 2022.  
Learn more about VBC’s expansion here and check out our Offsight Case Study on how VBC leverages Offsight’s technology as a competitive advantage on their major multifamily projects
Insights From the Experts:

LearnMH and Guide Consumers Making the Move to Factory-Built Homes

This month we posted an Expert Insight with Paul Barretto, Executive Director at LearnMH and former Director at Fannie Mae and Chris Nicely, President at and former marketing executive at Clayton Homes. We discussed how both companies are furthering the adoption of modular and factory built homes and how these homes are well suited to address the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s initiatives around affordable high quality housing.  
Check out the full blog post here and learn more about how manufactured homes are well suited for affordable housing and how they can be built at scale to meet HUD requirements.

Modular Construction’s Growing Role in Affordable Housing

Although modular construction isn’t new, the process is just beginning to play a role in affordable housing production in the US. Cécile Chalifour, West Division manager for JPMorgan Chase’s Community Development Banking, spoke with Commercial Observer about modular housing’s increasing popularity, including:

•  US cities experiencing the most modular and prefab housing activity
•  How lenders like JPMorgan Chase are looking at modular housing
•  What’s next for modular construction in the affordable housing industry

Check out the article here.
Rising Stars In Offsite:
Foothold is an exciting, fast growing modular manufacturing startup based in Bozeman, MT. After opening a new modular factory in Butte, Montana, which produces environmentally sustainable and high quality modular housing they implemented Offsight’s software to scale their operations and up their production process for long term success.

Offsight is a critical part of our modular manufacturing startup’s success,” said Hannah Van Wetter, Foothold’s CEO and co-founder.  
Check out the full Case Study on why Foothold chose to adopt technology early in their company’s journey and how software like Offsight can be scaled with their production capacity and growth over the coming years.
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