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Build Offsight – Nov 2022
November 22, 2022

Capturing The Offsite Opportunity Through Collaboration & Technology

Earlier this month Offsight presented at the 57th Annual National Precast Concrete Association (NPCA) Convention. Our educational course to the NPCA membership covered how leveraging technology like Offsight can enable project collaboration and provide visibility to project stakeholders, both of which are crucial elements for precasters looking to win new Offsite projects and capture the Offsite Construction market opportunity.

Manufacturing Process Improvement

Offsight Launches Digital Process Improvement Series

Offsight’s process improvement series offers project manufacturers a chance to share industry best practices and optimize their business for growth, efficiency and scale. Offsight’s industry experts cover common pitfalls, mistakes or blockers with managing factory operations and discuss how implementing a real-time software solution like Offsight, designed to tackle the nuances of project manufacturing, can overcome these hurdles and set your business on the path to success. 
Each post in our series will showcase a primary Offsight product module and discuss how customers are leveraging that product module to improve their process and drive ROI. Offsight’s product modules include:

The Offsight Partnership

Driving Adoption Through Solutions Engineering & Implementation

Every client who chooses to work with Offsight gets a dedicated Solutions & Implementation Engineer to help manage onboarding and drive adoption. Offsight offers various implementation packages based on your business needs and scale. Furthermore our Solutions Engineering team can assist with a process improvement analysis to determine how best to drive efficiencies through Offsight.
“Clients that choose Offsight get more than a software solution, they get a strategic partner that cares about their business and success. Every Offsight customer gets a dedicated client implementation and solutions engineer. This ensures all customers get the full value from Offsight and see a strong ROI on their investment.”

Offsite Integrated Structures

Ramone Reynolds, VP of Pre-Construction / Project management
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