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Build Offsight – Nov 2021
September 5, 2021

Offsight Customers In the News:

Developer Aims To Have 35 Modular Housing Factories Across The Country Building Net Positive Homes

S2A Modular, a California-based modular builder announced their plans to build 35 net positive, green, carbon neutral manufacturing facilities across the United States. They have set targets to ramp up production to 35,000 to 70,000 homes per year, across their 35 factories, by 2025. According to S2A Modular’s President, John Rowland, the team plan’s to keep a six-week backlog but once a home enters production it can be on a truck and delivered to the job site within two weeks. They have already broken ground on a new 240,000 square foot factory in Waco, TX and plans to employ 250 workers at that site.  
Learn more about S2A Modular here and check out our their growth and expansion plans as well as their recent Waco, TX factory launch.

Insights From the Experts:

Technology Enables Collaboration Across the New Offsite Supply Chain

This month we posted an Expert Insight with Carson Holmquist, Co-Founder and CEO of Stream Logistics, to discuss how his company leverages collaboration and specifically technology that enables collaboration, for success in the new offsite supply chain. We discuss how logistics companies preparing to capture the offsite opportunity need to incorporate technology early.  
Check out the full blog post here and learn more about how transportation and logistics companies are adapting their processes to cater to the growing demand for offsite construction.

U-City Apartment Building Takes Modular Construction to the Next LVL

Alterra Property Group had such a great experience assembling the building down the block that it doubled down on modular construction with this amenity-filled project.

Alterra Property Group’s experience with its first sizable modular apartment building, LVL University City (now SOLO on Chestnut), was so satisfying that even before that building opened its doors, the company decided it wanted to do it again.

Check out the article here.
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