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Build Offsight – May 2023
May 19, 2023

Bringing the Offsite Construction Community Together! 

Team Offsight is proud to work with industry partners and customers to bring the offsite construction community together. We would like to thank all who attended our networking events around Advancing Prefab 2023, World of Modular 2023 and MHI’s Congress & Expo 2023. 
We see big things to come in the offsite and modular construction community and are eager to work with manufacturers, general contractors, architects, owners and others to push the industry forward.

The Canadian Affordable Housing Crisis: 22 million housing units will be required by 2030 to help achieve housing affordability

According to the Canadian government, Canada’s housing supply shortage is now estimated at 3.5M additional homes that need to be delivered by 2030. Overall 22 million housing units will be required by 2030 to help achieve housing affordability.
In a recent publication titled “How to build 3.5M affordable homes in 10 years: ideas to address Canada’s housing shortage from Europe” The Housing Research Collaborative at the University of British Columbia provides a solution. “With standardized modular housing, a new two-bedroom home could be built in 10 days. What is more, modular prefabricated homes are energy efficient and easily adaptable to add accessibility – or to change the configuration as households change.”

Summary: Live From The Floor 

Canadian Modular Manufacturers Leverage Offsight to Meet Rapidly Growing Demand 

As it stands Canada needs to accelerate new housing to tackle a rapidly growing affordable housing crisis. The majority of this supply gap is in the Canadian provinces of Ontario and British Columbia. The supply gap and affordability crisis is most pronounced in the City of Toronto where the city council has been rapidly approving new home construction to meet the demand. In a single day the council approved 24,000 new homes and has built an Action Plan that includes a $27 Billion capital spending target. The City is committed to supporting the Modular Housing Initiative to rapidly deliver multi-family housing through the innovative methods of offsite and modular construction 
Given the rapidly growing demand in the city and greater Toronto area, it’s no surprise that Offsight customers ANC ModularFlex Modular and Z Modular are seeing rapid growth and experiencing strong urgency to scale their production. As such, they turned to Offsight to help manage factory operations, production, quality control and mandatory reporting for Canadian and third party inspection providers. 
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