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Build Offsight – Jun 2022
June 8, 2022

Customers In The News

Z Modular’s 342 Unit Modular Apartment Project Managed by Greystar Property Management Group Is Underway

Modular manufacturer and Offsight customer, Z Modular, has begun installation of 342 modular apartment units for the 35-acre West Maricopa Village project in Maricopa County, AZ. The community will be managed by Greystar Property Management Group and will launch their website and begin accepting prospective residents to the waiting list in the coming weeks. 
By leveraging their FlatZ 520 modular apartment design, Z Modular can cut construction time by 50%. The units are being prefabricated at their facility in Chandler, AZ and shipped to the jobsite in record time. In this process the community can begin to lease units much faster than traditional ground-up projects. Thereby, allowing the owner to recover their costs in record time. 
The City of Maricopa plans to deliver 70,400 units of housing of which 17,600 of those units need to be multifamily housing. The City sees strong demand for the multifamily modular products to house their growing workforce.
Learn more about the West Maricopa Village modular project here and check out our case study on how Z Modular leverages Offsight across multiple factories and major residential and commercial projects.

Leveraging Offsight On Major Commercial Projects

Wall-Panel Prefab Utilized Offsight to Eliminate Paper and Better Manage Commercial Projects

Companies who manufacture building products for major commercial projects, like ​​Wall-Panel Prefab, must meet rigorous quality control standards and have a reliable production process that can meet the project owner’s delivery deadlines.
Offsight’s software and features set us apart and are uniquely situated to help our customers meet their commercial project requirements. These features include:
  • Real Time Production Tracking & Notifications
  • Quality Tracking & Image Capture
  • Daily Reporting & Owner Access
  • Reporting Dashboard
Learn more about how building component manufacturers like Wall-Panel Prefab leverage Offsight to track production, maintain high quality standards and provide a level of project reporting and visibility needed for their commercial projects, here. 

Offsight By The Numbers

Offsight’s New Teaser Video Is Out 

Learn why best manufacturers in the offsite construction, modular and building components industry trust Offsight. Offsight is live at factories across the world. Customers who operate a 100,000 ftfactory or larger, with 70 or more employees, can realize huge productivity and efficiency gains and save on costly factory rework by leveraging Offsight.
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