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Build Offsight – Dec 2022
December 7, 2022

Offsight to Present at B.Public Prefab’s Rocky Mountain Installer Training

Offsight is proud to present and sponsor B.Public Prefab’s Rocky Mountain Installer Training. Our presentation From the Factory to the Jobsite will cover how builders and their partner factories can leverage a project manufacturing software like Offsight to enable collaboration throughout the manufacturing to installation process.
Offsight is also excited to support Swell Foundation and B.Public Prefab in their initiatives to provide affordable high performance sustainable housing through offsite construction.

Offsight Partners with the Procore Marketplace to Provide Clients with Full Project Visibility from the Factory to the Jobsite

Offsight, the leading project manufacturing software announced a partnership with Procore Technologies Inc., a leading provider of construction management software. The partnership aims to bridge the visibility gap in the construction value chain between the jobsite and the many offsite building product manufacturers who provide modules, panels and other prefabricated components to major construction projects. 
Industry experts expect $256B in profit to move offsite over the coming years with building material manufacturers worldwide poised to see rapid growth and factory expansions. Hundreds of billions of dollars of modular, panelized and prefabricated products are already moving through the construction value chain from offsite factories to jobsites. As construction projects become increasingly complex, factory-level visibility for project stakeholders can make the difference between a successful project and one that falls behind schedule and over budget. 

Customers In The News

ANC Launches new Void Form System Aimed At Accelerating Multi-Story Construction

Offsight customer Andrew Neill Construction (ANC) based in Ontario, Canada is a leader in the commercial and multi-family modular space. Their Void Form System leverages concrete poured in the voids, or spaces between stacked modules to create a strong structural frame to support a large multi-story modular building. The technology works by stacking structural steel modules and pouring concrete between adjacent modules, additional modules can then be layered on top of the previously stacked modules to build multiple stories in a fraction of the time of traditional onsite projects. 
With ANC’s system only 2 weeks of onsite construction are needed to complete a multi-story project.
Learn more about ANC in Modular Building Institute’s feature here, and check out their many successful projects.
“ANC Modular is a rapidly growing Canadian modular manufacturer embracing new age construction methods using an innovative approach. Offsight is one of the crucial tools we now use to help; meet high production demand, manage crucial elements of quality tracking and conformance reporting.”
Andrew Neill Construction
Kairin Roth, Project Manager
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