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December 15, 2021

Build Offsight - Dec 2021

Offsight Customers In the News:

How a Carson-based company is converting shipping containers into affordable housing

CRATE Modular, a Carson-based modular builder in Southern California sees a huge opportunity in the current supply chain crisis and the record setting backlog of shipping containers. They plan to repurpose these shipping containers to build high quality affordable housing. According to Amanda Gattenby, CRATE Modular's Vice President of Development, CRATE can deploy a 1000 modified units in Southern California in the coming year. Private developers are actively partnering with CRATE Modular on their new projects. CRATE Modular's new project in South Los Angeles will soon add 20,320 sq ft studio units of affordable housing to the neighborhood.  

Learn more about CRATE Modular and their push to build affordable housing in Southern California here and check out how they've leveraged Offsight to manage their end to end production process and provide visibility to project stakeholders.

Insights From the Experts:

Video Interview: How Modular Designer Ken Lowney Sees Technology's Role in Offsite Construction

Ken Lowney is the President and CEO of Lowney Architecture, a premier design firm that’s completed many modular projects in the Bay Area and elsewhere. In this Expert Insight, Offsight Co-founder Andrew Xue sits down with Ken for a video interview. They discuss how the market for modular and offsite construction is evolving and how more owners and builders are seeking to incorporate prefabricated building components in their commercial and residential projects for cost, productivity and speed advantages.

Check out our blog post here and learn more about Lowney Architecture's approach to designing for offsite construction as well as some of the award winning modular projects in their portfolio.

Home Prices Are Surging: The Manufactured Housing Industry Sees an Opening

Housing lenders, developers and advocates think they have found a winning formula by building homes in factories that look like site-built homes but cost less.

In recent years, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have made it easier for lenders to extend conventional mortgages on certain manufactured homes that have features like porches or garages built on-site. Buyers in Cordell Oaks get mortgages like these, secured by both the house and the land.

Check out the article in the WSJ here.

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