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Build Offsight – October 2023
October 16, 2023

Offsight’s New Website Is Live!

Offsight’s new web page is officially live. Learn more about Offsight’s full product suite from Production & Quality Tracking and Reporting & Auditing to Labor Tracking and Materials Management.
Check out what our customers have to say and read our detailed customer case studies from the factory floor. Also be sure to check out our blog to get up to speed on the latest happenings in the industry.

Summary: Live From The Floor

How Specialty Contractor PCI Drives ROI with Offsight 

With specialty contractors seeing 20 – 50% acceleration in project schedules and more than 20% overall cost savings on major projects by leveraging offsite construction and prefabrication, many are seeking to invest in and rapidly grow their prefab businesses.
Offsight customer and leading specialty contractor Performance Contracting Incis at the forefront of this movement.  As they point out “Prefabrication is an innovation that’s taking the construction industry by storm, and PCI Prefab™ is leading the charge.”
In this case study we review how PCI leverages Offsight from their prefab factory floor and why Offsight is a crucial software for specialty contractors looking to actively manage their offsite construction projects and drive ROI through the overall project benefits of offsite construction, including cost savings, increased productivity, faster delivery and overall better quality and project communication. 
Check out the full PCI: Live From the Floor post here.

Offsight Showcased at UNLV Construction Scheduling & Resource Optimization Course 

Offsight: Enabling the Future of Construction

Offsight co-founder Andrew Xue, had the privilege of teaching the next generation of construction leaders at CEE/CEM 453/653: The Construction Scheduling & Resource Optimization course at The University of Las Vegas. Offsight was showcased by associate professor Jin Ouk Choi as the project management software for the modular, prefab, and offsite construction industry.
Our presentation Offsight: Enabling The Future of Construction is available here. We review how in order to truly realize the benefits of Offsite Construction and drive ROI its crucial builders pair a new manufacturing based process with technology.

Expert Insight

A Developer’s Perspective: Technology’s Role in Facilitating Faster Adoption of Offsite Construction

Anthony Gude is Director of Real Estate Development at Leap of Faith Partners. Leap of Faith was founded in Los Angeles in 2013 and is at the forefront of delivering single family, multifamily and low to mid-rise modular housing in the LA area. They have a focus on providing affordable modular housing and have delivered 200,000 square feet of modular buildings.
The team is currently working on a 125-unit multifamily project in Ventura, California with hundreds of units in the pipeline. LA and the State of California experiencing a major affordable housing shortage, which is only expected to grow over the coming years, Anthony and his team have many more projects to come.
Offsight sat down with Anthony to get his perspective on LA’s role as an epicenter for building modular affordable housing and also how technology can play a crucial role in facilitating faster adoption of offsite construction methods. 
Check out our full interview with Anthony here.
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