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Build Offsight – November 2023
November 8, 2023

Offsight Partner Showcase

Offsight is proud to announce our partnership with ICC NTA, a leading building code and factory inspection provider. ICC NTA and Offsight customers can leverage a completely digital solution to track code conformance and quality, and manage daily reporting and factory audits.
“We are thrilled to partner with Offsight as the go to technology platform for offsite construction. Offsight’s technology paired with ICC NTA’s expertise in inspection will help us deliver a cutting edge solution to the industry. We will be able to streamline complex building code review, state mandated conformance and factory audits with a completely digital solution.”
Phil Jones, President
Hear from our customers who’ve gone digital for inspections, reporting and auditing and learn more about the value they’ve been able to drive for their business.

Summary: Live From The Floor

Easley & Rivers Leverages On-site Prefabrication on Major Healthcare Projects

Prefabrication for healthcare construction is booming. On recent hospital projects 25% of the critical components including the vast majority of the exterior walls were prefabricated. The reliance on prefabrication in healthcare construction has allowed builders to drastically reduce construction timelines and costs with some projects seeing an 81% improvement in manpower utilization once full production of prefabricated building components begins at the factory. This has led many specialty contractors and builders to aggressively increase their investment in prefabrication and offsite construction methods on healthcare projects.
Offsight customer Easley & Rivers, is a specialty contractor leading this trend. They’re utilizing the method of on-site prefabrication on a major healthcare project and they’ve paired this innovative approach with Offsight’s technology to set themselves up for success.
In this Live From the Floor case study we review how Easley & Rivers leverages Offsight for all phases of their prefab project lifecycle and workflow from early prototyping, to full on-site factory production, shipment, delivery and finally jobsite installation.

Vertically Integrated ANC Group Builds Affordable Housing In Canada

Canada’s housing crisis has hit record levels with the Canada Housing and Mortgage Corp estimating a shortfall of 3.5 Million homes by 2030. This supply gap is increasing rapidly due to rising immigration levels. In fact, according to a Desjardins Report, Canada will have to increase their housing starts by 50% immediately to fill this rising demand.
To address this crisis, the Canadian government has pledged $4B in financing via the Rapid Housing Initiative. This initiative will add another 10,000 units including 3,200 modular units in an accelerated time frame. In fact modular construction offers a unique opportunity to close this rapidly increasing supply gap. Modular units can be assembled in a controlled factory setting and benefit from the speed, cost advantages and enhanced quality control that comes with manufacturing processes over traditional job site construction.
In this Live From the Floor case study we review how ANC Group is tackling Canada’s affordable housing crisis and how Offsight helps the team merge technology with building expertise to deliver on their vision, manage projects and drive value in the day to day factory operations.
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