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Advanced Modular Manufacturing Leverages Offsight for Government-Mandated Inspection & Reporting
March 19, 2024
Offsight customer Advanced Modular Manufacturing (AMM) specializes in building commercial modular products for various industries. AMM has been in business since 1983 and has earned a reputation as a trusted modular manufacturer with a strong focus on quality. Their reputation has earned them coveted contracts from the U.S. Government and other clients. 
In this case study we cover how AMM leverages Offsight for detailed quality tracking and documentation, sign-offs, and verification of government-mandated code conformance and visual inspection.     
All visual documentation, conformance reports, and sign-offs can be stored in Offsight and made digitally accessible for many years, completely removing the need for paper reports. Managers at AMM can easily access Offsight’s History Dashboard to pull any report by customer, project, or product.
Implementing End-to-End Quality Tracking and Documentation
As part of AMM’s requirements to maintain rigorous quality control and compliance throughout their manufacturing process and maintain documentation for clients, they turned to Offsight to build their digital manufacturing workflow. Through Offsight’s Production Feature Set including our Production & Quality Tracking functionality and Reporting & Auditingfunctionality AMM was able to address their client requirements.
Using Offsight’s Management Tool they built out their digital production process including key workstations, tied in quality verification tasks and conformance checklists, and loaded in their production schedule for each of their many commercial projects. 
Once production goes live, AMM operators and quality inspectors can use Offsight at each production area to complete all quality verification and conformance reviews in real time. All digital documentation can be exported through daily reports and made available in digital .PDF or .XSLX format and can be securely shared to customers and state/3rd party inspectors through a protected web link.
Sign-Offs and Visual Verification With Offsight 
After their production and quality workflow was created in Offsight, quality personnel on the floor could leverage Offsight’s mobile app to complete all visual verification and sign-offs. By utilizing Offsight’s Workflow Automation functionality, accessing any form for any product can be completely streamlined. This enables a seamless user experience from the floor with instant access to crucial information including quality issues and verification images.
To address the stringent requirements of their clients on commercial projects, AMM inspectors can seamlessly sign off and provide instant visual confirmation through Offsight at various stages of production and delivery. All completed modules stored in the yard also undergo final review and sign-off in Offsight before shipment, to ensure that all products AMM has manufactured adhere to regulatory guidelines.
“Advanced Modular Manufacturing is a detail oriented commercial modular building manufacturer who takes pride in the quality products we produce. Offsight’s off the shelf product will allow us to maintain our high standard of quality while facilitating better reporting and production tracking features. I’m impressed with the intuitive interface and responsiveness of Offsight’s team.”
Jeramy Bristol, Vice President
Advanced Modular Manufacturers
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