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Offsight Blog

July 14, 2021

Rent the Backyard Leverages Offsite Construction to Tackle the Rapidly Growing ADU Market

Offsight customer, Rent the Backyard aims to tackle the rapidly growing backyard home market by offering high quality, sustainably built backyard homes that are constructed Offsite in their Bay Area factory.

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Customer Spotlight
April 21, 2021

CRATE Modular Turns to Offsight to Manage Multi-Family Projects in Southern California

In this case study, we dive into how CRATE Modular uses Offsight to manage multiple multi-family modular projects from San Diego to Los Angeles.

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Customer Case Study
April 7, 2021

Established Construction Technology and Design Firms look to Offsite Construction for the Next Innovation

In this Expert Insight we sit down with Matt Wheelis from Nemetschek Group and Zigmund (Zig) Rubel from Foresight Digital to discuss how the offsite disruption will affect established AEC companies.

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Expert Insight
May 5, 2021

The Role of Technology in UK's Booming Offsite Construction Market

In this Expert Spotlight we sit down with Graeme O'Doherty, Partner at AnyOffsite and former Partnership and Technical Director at Magna Offsite Solutions. We discuss the role new technology

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Expert Insight
March 10, 2021

Z Modular Scales Offsight Across Multiple Factories

The global modular construction market is booming and expected to exceed $100B by 2025 with steel modular construction expected to be the fastest growing segment over the next 5 years. This bodes well for many steel modular manufacturers, including Offsight’s customer Z Modular.

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