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Advanced Analytics & Insights
Offsight’s Advanced Analytics & Insights functionality allows executive management to receive full visibility into factory and business operations including production progress. Executives can receive fully customized analytics reports to make informed decisions that are crucial to overall business success.
Make business decisions with data
Our team will create and customize reports that track everything from live progress against your production schedule and consistent quality issues to material and labor consumption and project delivery. Executives can receive recurring reports with exactly the business metrics, KPIs and operational data they need to make real-time decisions. Analytics reports can be sent automatically via email to all necessary project and business stakeholders.
Success Stories

“Offsight’s advanced analytics capabilities were exactly what our executive team needed. We receive customized production progress reports that let us communicate our project status to our customers and help us make important operations decisons across our business.”

CRATE Modular
Raj Dhillon, VP of Manufacturing Operations

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