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February 8, 2023
Customer Case Study

ZenniHome Manufactures State of the Art Homes and Combats Climate Change with Offsite Construction

Modern homes built sustainably

Experts believe that the construction sector accounts for 40% of all greenhouse gas emissions. The main contributors are the emissions released through the manufacturing of building materials and the corresponding material wastage on a traditional construction job site along with the environmental impact of operating and managing the job site. 

Offsite Construction offers a global solution to the climate crisis. By manufacturing and assembling complex building products, components and modules in factories, construction companies can accurately control material usage, track work in progress and drastically reduce waste.Furthermore offsite construction reduces the overall time of a project and thereby the overall jobsite impact to the environment. In the factory weather delays can be limited and multiple shifts can be utilized to ensure that the overall project timeline is as short as possible. 

Offsight customer ZenniHome, is on a mission to transform the way people buy, build and live in their homes. To this end they’ve designed modern environmentally friendly homes, leveraged cutting edge methods in offsite construction to build these homes in a sustainable manner and transformed the way their customers buy, own and live in their homes.


Exceptional environmentally conscious design meets a climate sustainable method of manufacturing

ZenniHome’s several state of the art product lines include their Citizen, 2 bedroom home, Denizen, studio home and Zencity, their stackable option for multifamily housing. Their environmentally friendly home designs utilize less space, requiring less time to heat and cool. Furthermore, their design efficiently maximizes storage so customers can get the full value out of their interior space. 

ZenniHome’s energy efficient homes utilize electric heating, cooling, stoves and ovens for cost savings and safety. Adding the environmentally friendly solar power and water conservation options can also drastically reduce your utility bills. Their grey and blackwater recycling system and SOURCE drinking water hydro panels can also directly reduce water costs.

Beyond an environmentally conscious design ZenniHome also complements their product with a climate friendly manufacturing process. This process utilizes the efficiencies of modular and offsite construction to build their homes quicker and at affordable prices. 


How ZenniHome Manages Production, Factory Operations and Delivers on Their Mission Through Offsight

A crucial part of a climate friendly manufacturing process requires controlling, monitoring and actively managing material consumption and waste. Building materials and parts can be extremely costly to produce and emit a large amount of greenhouse gasses in the process.Through Offsight, ZenniHome is able to actively track their material quality and immediately identify part shortages or assembly issues that would result in costly rework and material wastage at later stages of production.

Another crucial element to maintaining a climate friendly construction process is reducing job site work and the overall time a jobsite remains active, which could greatly impact the local environment and extend greenhouse gas emissions. Through Offsight’s Task Management capabilities, ZenniHome is able to flag, track and resolve all non-conformance errors. By resolving these errors in the factory before products ship, ZenniHome can cut back on the environmental impact of shipping materials and transporting personnel to the job site to resolve these errors after the fact and can also save on the additional costs. 

Furthermore, by leveraging Offsight to actively track production progress and delivery and utilizing Offsight’s Reporting Dashboard to communicate live status updates between all project stakeholders, including onsite installers and contractors, ZenniHome is able to limit schedule overruns, ensure the project completes on time and minimize the job site’s environmental impact. 

“Zennihome builds transformational modern homes in our state-of-the-art factory. Offsight is our go-to solution to manage our entire production process in one easy app and provide immediate access to all factory operations personnel and third parties.”

QC/Framecad Lead, ZenniHome

David Mannie

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