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May 24, 2023
Customer Case Study

Live From The Floor: Specialty Contractor C. J. Coakley, Adopts Offsight to Meet Record High Demand for Prefab Business

Specialty Contractors are currently experiencing record high demand for their services but due to supply chain constraints owners and general contractors have been aggressively turning to subcontractors who can deliver their products and services efficiently. In fact, the looming long term crisis in the availability of skilled construction workers, of which 40% of specialty contractors have identified as their biggest business risk, has fundamentally shifted the mindset in terms of how work should be done on major projects.

Offsight customer, C. J. Coakley is a full-service interior contractor and one of the largest drywall companies in the Washington, DC area. They are already ahead of the curve and have adopted the innovative methods of offsite construction and prefabrication on many of their major commercial projects, where they work with some of the largest general contractors in the area.

Furthermore, C. J. Coakley has turned to Offsight as their go to manufacturing project management platform to help scale and grow their offsite factory operations over the coming years. Learn how Offsight has set their prefabrication factory up for success and how specialty contractors making investments in their offsite construction business can adopt Offsight’s feature set to help streamline their operational hurdles and meet growing demand.

Leveraging Production & Quality Tracking From the Floor

Operators and quality inspectors at C. J. Coakley can seamlessly access each wall panel or product in real time. Through Offsight’s Workflow Automation functionality custom digital quality and conformance checklists can be defined and can track 1000s of wall panels in real-time as they progress through the prefabrication process.

Through Offsight’s Production & Quality Tracking feature set, operators are able to identify any defects or assembly errors and tie these back to the specific wall panel and stage of the prefab process. In this manner, all issues can be resolved and repaired before panels ship to the jobsite. Overall production and project progress can be tracked seamlessly in Offsight’s Live Dashboard.

Managers Leverage Reporting, Analytics and Labor Tracking

Managers at C. J. Coakley can log into Offsight’s Real Time Console to access their Reporting Dashboard. Through the Reporting & Auditing functionality managers can send daily progress updates to executives as well as external stakeholders, including major general contractors on commercial projects and building inspectors.

Additionally, managers at C. J. Coakley leverage Offsight’s Labor Tracking & Timesheets functionality, as a crucial element in controlling variable production costs on major commercial projects. Specialty contractors looking to move work to the factory, must rationalize both the time savings and cost efficiency benefits to owners and general contractors. Offsight helps C. J. Coakley achieve this goal by directly tracking labor expenditure in real time, by product or project and seamlessly allowing managers and executives to access this data through regular real-time reports or through Offsight’s Analytics Dashboard.

“C. J. Coakley Co., Inc. is a leading full-service interior/exterior contractor and one of the largest drywall companies in the Washington, DC. metro area. Our clients include Balfour Beatty, Clark, Davis, Gilbane, Grunley, Hitt, Turner, and other large general contractors. We needed a software-based solution to manage our prefab and manufacturing process for a variety of products. Offsight was clearly that solution. They are the industry leading solution for sub-contractors with a rapidly growing offsite and prefab business."

C. J. Coakley Co., Inc.

Christopher Kusz, Senior Project Manager

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