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January 9, 2023
Customer Case Studies

Live From The Floor: Durapods uses Offsight as their platform for commercial projects and collaborating with onsite contractors

Achieving Success on Major Commercial Projects Starts at the Factory

As a leading specialty commercial contractor PDM Constructors/Durapods has undertaken some of the largest commercial projects in the country. Some of their major projects include healthcare projects in Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York where over 2,000 bathpods have been manufactured at their factory and shipped to the job sites for quick installation.

When it comes to meeting critical project delivery deadlines on massive commercial projects, success starts at the ground level. This means accurately managing factory production output and product quality to enable seamless collaboration between onsite installers, general contractors and building element manufacturers that supply prefabricated materials on these major projects.

For Durapods and their general contractors, success starts at the factory and they turned to Offsight as their go-to solution to help manage their commercial projects.

In this Offsight Live series piece, we walkthrough how Offsight manages Durapods factory production, monitors and addresses product quality and provides an easy means to share production progress and track delivery with their onsite general contractors. Read on to learn more.

Managing Production and Tracking Quality From The Factory

For Durapods, Offsight Live Dashboard acts as a central hub to track manufacturing progress over hundreds of modules and building components in the factory. Everything from sub-assemblies to finished products can be tracked through their life cycle. Any bottlenecks or delays in production can be flagged immediately and managers can be alerted when production falls behind schedule.

Offsight Real-Time Alert functionality allows operations and quality managers to be notified when non-conformance, building code or assembly issues are identified on the factory floor. Managers can access their Offsight Alert Dashboard to immediately filter for active quality issues across products and track these issues back to their appropriate station or stage of the manufacturing process.

Once the quality issues are identified for a specific product at a stage of the production or assembly process, managers can then assign them to specific operators or subcontractors to address. These assigned issues become tasks in Offsight’s Alert Dashboard which automatically disappear when they are resolved and completed.

By using Offsight, costly rework can be avoided and the overall project cost can be reduced for all stakeholders. Offsight ensures that any non-conformance, assembly, and building code issues are identified and addressed at Durapods factory before the products are shipped to the job site.

Furthermore, Offsight continuously tracks the production of building components ensuring that they are shipped out on time, helping Durapods meet the overall project delivery timeline and support all project partners.

Enabling End-to-End Collaboration and Providing Crucial Supply Chain Visibility For Onsite General Contractors

When it comes to managing a complex and crucial supply chain on major commercial building projects, technology can act as a huge value add and enable real time collaboration between onsite general contractors and their many building component manufacturers.

Durapods leverages Offsight as their primary platform to provide this supply chain visibility and collaborative capability for their many project partners.

The Offsight Reporting Dashboard provides real-time access to daily progress, quality, and product status reports, which can be shared instantly between the factory and on-site general contractors to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Durapods can set up custom filters and user permissions in Offsight to send specific information to specific partners based on their needs.

Their partner onsite general contractors can log in and access a similar view to the factory for progress status updates and installation/construction conformance checks that are tailored to their project responsibilities and needs.

Offsight’s automated workflow scan also be set up to deliver status updates regularly on a daily or weekly basis to keep all stakeholders informed of progress.

"Our clients trust us to deliver a superior quality product so maintaining an exceptional production process is a necessity. Offsight is a must-have tool that helps us maintain this process and meet our quality and reporting needs."

PDM Constructors / Durapods

VP of Operations, Michael Jackson

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